Highlight Reel #1

While processing the Rosenthall Judaica Collection, Processing Archivist Amy Lazarus has come across a variety of interesting items in formats outside of the scope of our postcard and print portfolios. From textiles to pop-up cards, commemorative plates to coins and medals, comic books to stamps, there are so many unique items to share with the world. What better way to do that than with a new series here on our blog, named, appropriately, Highlight Reel.

For the first installment of this series, we would like to share four photographs that we recently found. Enjoy!

Jewish Old Age Home, Harbin, Manchuria

Jewish Old Age Home, Harbin, Manchuria


World War I train Seder

Seder held in a Pullman car for soldiers returning from World War I, Detroit, April 1919


Congregation Beth Hamidrash Hagodal Nusach Sfard

Congregation Beth Hamidrash Hagodal Nusach Sfard, formerly located at 450 East 172nd Street, Bronx, NY


Ezra Hebrew School

Ezra Hebrew School, formerly located at 1745 Washington Avenue, Bronx, NY




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