Highlight Reel #8

A major focus of the William A. Rosenthall Judaica Collection is synagogue imagery represented in both prints and postcards. In addition to thousands of such items, dozens of books collected by Rosenthall explore the art and architecture of the synagogue. Such items include publications on specific synagogues, such as Bevis Marks in London, the Alte Synagoge in Essen, and the Pinkas Synagogue in Prague; on synagogues in defined geographic areas, such as Baden-Württemberg, Vienna, Amsterdam, and Italy; and on synagogue art and architecture.

One of the publications that most spectacularly combines imagery and text is Die neue Synagoge in Berlin : entworfen und ausgeführt von Eduard Knoblauch, vollendet von August Stüler, published in Berlin in 1867. The New Synagogue in Berlin, Germany, was designed by architect Eduard Knoblauch; following the architect’s death, the structure was completed by architect August Stüler. The synagogue was inaugurated on September 5, 1886.

Die Neue Synagoge Berlin cover

This publication includes an introduction by Eduard Knoblauch’s son Gustav Knoblauch, which details the history of the building’s construction and explicates the layout of the complex, as well as one full-page chromolithograph of the synagogue’s interior and and six full-page engravings of plans for the structure.

Chornische mit dem Allerheiligsten

Chromolithograph of the apse and Torah ark of the Neue Synagoge, Berlin


Synagoge in Berlin_1

Engraving of the synagogue’s exterior


Synagoge in Berlin_2

Floor plans for the upper and lower levels. The upper level is labeled as the women’s gallery; the placement of the organ is also noted. Men would sit on the lower level, but the plans for this level also include stairs for the women to use to enter their gallery. A smaller diagram to the left shows the synagogue’s proximity to Berlin’s Jewish Hospital.


Synagoge in Berlin_3

Cross-section of the Neue Synagoge, Berlin


Synagoge in Berlin_4

Cross-section of the Neue Synagoge, Berlin


Synagoge in Berlin_5

Details of windows, doorways, and cornices


Synagoge in Berlin_6

Cross-sections and details of the iron supporting structures