New upload! Rosenthall postcards

The Lowcountry Digital Library has made available 705 additional postcards from the William A. Rosenthall Judaica Collection. These postcards come from three portfolios covering the topics of Jewish authors and artists, rabbis and political leaders, and folk art.

Below, a sampling of the postcards from these portfolios. To see all digitized postcards, search the Lowcountry Digital Library: William A. Rosenthall Judaica Collection – Postcards.

Poet, editor, and critic Ya’akov Fichmann.

Poet and novelist Zalman Shneour.

Author and literary critic Isidor [Yisroel] Eliashev (pen name Bal-Makhshoves).

Author Itshe Meyer Vaysenberg.

Poet and essayist Menahem Boraisha.

Editors of socialist and radical newspapers and journals in the United States.

Author Yona Rozenfeld.

Yiddish authors at the Czernowitz Conference, 1908. From left to right : Avrom Reyzen, Yitskhok Leybush Peretz (I. L. Peretz), Sholem Asch, Khayim Zhitlovski, and Hersh Dovid Nomberg.

Alfred Dreyfus and his defenders: Bernard Lazare, Fernand Labori, Georges Picquart, and Auguste Scheurer-Kestner.

Mendel Beilis and his defenders during his trial for ritual murder: Oskar Osipovich Gruzenberg, Vasily Maklakov, Nikolai Platonovich Karabchevsky, Alexander Zarudny, and Dmitry Grigorovich-Barsky.

Chief Rabbi Joseph Hermann Hertz, Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth.

Rabbi Hayyim Moshe Bejerano, Chief Rabbi of Turkey.

Chaplains in the Germany Army during World War I, including Jewish chaplain Rabbi Jacob Sonderling.

Design of the Jewish National Fund’s commemorative Theodor Herzl stamp, featuring Herzl looking toward the Tower of David in Jerusalem, as Jewish pioneers march to work below.

Arthur Balfour’s reception at the electrical power station in Tel Aviv during his 1925 visit to Palestine. Balfour (fourth from right); to his right, Pinhas Rutenberg. Meir Dizengoff stands second from right.

Rabbi Ben-Zion Meir Hai Uziel addressing the first meeting of the Assembly of Representatives on October 7, 1920, in Jerusalem.

Yitsḥak Grünbaum, first Interior Minister of Israel.

Yekusiel Portnoy (1872–1941) (pseudonym Noyekh), leader of the Bund in Poland.

A boy learning to lay tefillin before his bar mitzvah, including the blessing for putting on tefillin : “Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the universe, Who has sanctified us with His commandments and has commanded us regarding the commandment of tefillin.”

A Jewish marriage ceremony. Text excerpted from the Sheva Brachot : “Voices of joy and gladness, voices of groom and bride.”

Blowing the shofar on Rosh Hashanah.

Lighting Sabbath candles.

Entering the synagogue. Original illustration by Friedrich Kaskeline.

The ceremony of tashlikh. The Brooklyn Bridge can be seen in the background.

Mayim achronim (hand washing) before Birkat Hamazon. Original illustration by Jacob Keller.

Taking the Torah scroll out of the Torah ark. Original illustration by S. Seeberger.

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